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ISI Mark Consultancy Service

ISI mark is a certification mark that is one of the most recognized sign of quality and safety in the Indian Subcontinent. The ISI mark is an indication of the fact that the product is in compliance with the related quality standard that is developed by the Bureau of Indian Standards which is the national standards body of the country. The ISI mark signifies that product is safe to use and has a good quality. The role of BIS is to maintain the best quality of products for consumer safety. It allots ISI mark certification to the businesses as a third party guarantee after the product has been checked for its quality, safety, and reliability.

ISI stands for Indian standard of Institution that is the previous name for Bureau of Indian Standards. The certification scheme for ISI is basically voluntary, and any business that has the confidence that its products can comply with the standards set by BIS can apply for ISI certification.

Although obtaining ISI mark accreditation is voluntary but it is mandatory for some products that are related to health and safety of the consumers such as protective gears, electrical appliances, LPG cylinders, LPG regulators and so forth. The benefit of obtaining ISI certification for the businesses is that they can ensure the customers that their products are in compliance with the quality standards set by BIS and hence are safe for use. Additionally, the consumers also prefer to buy ISI marked products as they are supposed to be of better quality and last longer.

The ISI mark certification process involves submission of application filled in along with all the required documentation and certification fees in the nearest branch of Bureau of Indian Standards. After the application has been submitted and documents are found correct, BIS carries out a verification visit. After the visit, the manufacturer needs to get his products tested at any of the laboratories certified by BIS. The laboratory confirms the compliance of the products with the standards of BIS and provides the basis for certification. On the basis of the test reports provided by the laboratories, BIS issues ISI mark certificate to the manufacturer. The ISI mark is accompanied by the standard number to which the product complies.

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