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Trademark Registration

A trademark is a symbol or word that characterizes your product or service and distinguishes it from other products or services on the market. It makes your customers recognize your product or service.

Why trademark protection?
At a time when the range of goods and services is ever increasing, a trademark is an ever more important part of a company. A trademark is what will represent you and your reputation. Registering your trademark with PRV is the safest way to get exclusive rights to your sign. The registration is valid for ten years and can then be extended by ten years at a time.
Exclusive rights means that no one else has the right to use the mark on their goods or services, or in their marketing. If that did happen, it would be trademark infringement and you could pursue legal action. The court, in turn, could ban further infringement and impose a fine or prison sentence.

Better business
A protected trademark is an important part of your business strategy and can lead to better business deals. A trademark helps you to reach out to anyone from customers to business partners to investors. In other words, a protected trademark can raise the value of your company.

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